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Famous Speeches in English v1.5.5

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Improve your English.

The best way to improve is to listen to English. A lot.

Get the best way to learning English.

1. Famous Speeches in English

- Learning English with 'Speeches That Changed The World'

*The article will continue to be added.

2. Listening Mode

- You can study listening and reading at the same time.

- During news playback at any time, you can play from there 

 by clicking the location of the text you want to hear, 

 it is possible to move to the place you want.

- Searching English word : 

 If the meaning of the word is a concern, please double-click the word. 

 It is display the meaning of a word, that find on the web dictionary. 

3. Study mode

- Complete the sentences while listening to each sentence.

- You can naturally learn sentence structure and grammar.

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